Advertising signboards of lowest marketing cost

Posted by HOÀNG NHẬT SANG at 18/08/2020

Every business, no matter it engages in fashion, beauty industry or services, needs advertisements to make its services and products known to customers

Signboards and advertising panels are among the most effective and economical forms of advertising that give the strongest visual impression. A board with delicate artistic patterns may help make your brand speak loudly to customers.

Are you looking for a reputable advertising company that designs, provides and constructs quality affordable advertising panels in Ho Chi Minh City?

Are you pondering over some eyeful signboards that fit your products but cannot tell how much they would take?

Do you know that every type of advertising panel has its own pros and cons, therefore your choice depends on the location and lines of business.

What makes advertising panel good for communication?

1. Added attraction to customers’s interest

An eye-catching advertising signboard amid a crowded place will be surely helpful to draw customers’ attention. Signboards help broadening the public presence of your brand and products.

2. Diversity of dimensions, styles and colours

Advertising panels are varied by styles, dimensions and colours. This advantage allows designers to beat creative blocks and make one-of-a-kind impressive advertising panels that loudly speak for their brand, so that customers by seeing the panels may instantly identify a company or a business.

3. Delivery of various benefits

An advertising panel provides a wide range of benefits: providing information, promoting products and brands, embellishing the stores, and so on.

4. Reasonable cost

Advertising panels can be made from a variety of materials, which differentiate them in terms of price.

You may be spoilt for choice by the wide price range and material diversity of advertising panels. Big brands like Coca-Cola, Samsung and Apple always choose panels and signboards first to kick off an advertising plan, for the reasonable cost and highest communication effects.

Nowadays there are countless companies specializing in outdoor advertising, namely Lamar Advertising Company (Nasdaq: LAMR) and Capitol Outdoor. A Vietnamese representative is VerSchluss – a leading professional provider of signboards and printing services, such as pp printing, decal printing, and promotional banners. The company is empowered by a modern well-structured system of machinery and equipment, and a professional staff team. It is a partner of banks such as: PVBank, Dong A Bank, computer and mobile phone companies such as: HUAWEI, SAMSUNG, OPPO, VIVO.

Office buildings, restaurants, sky-crappers, stores, showrooms, hotels, bars, etc., have large facades. Meanwhile, brands are always looking for ways to imprint their image in prospective customers’ mind.

Thus, it is very a matter of concern to select an advertising panel constructor, since the one who constructs decisively affects how your advertising panel works and looks.

As for the marketing strategy, advertising panels represent a vital factor for the strategy success, as they are cost-saving and highly effective.