Make your home a work of art on Tet Holiday

Posted by HOÀNG NHẬT SANG at 18/08/2020

Lunar New Year is an occasion for people to embellish their homes by adding colours to the living space, especially with the use of decorative carpets.

Convenience and quality of Turkish carpets

These days, decorative carpets have gained wide currency among Vietnamese consumers, as they have been more and more in good service over the past few years for a number of outstanding benefits.

“In the past, the service of rugs was mainly seen in large buildings or hotels, but now our store is serving a lot of customers who are retail buyers seeking for home decorative items”, said Ms. Truong Thi Lan, manager of a carpet showroom on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City).

The reason for the growing number of carpet retail buyers is that they realize the desired benefits of this product, for instances: aesthetic value, noise reduction and warmth-keeping, etc.

In fact, many carpet buyers are unaware of how to make the most of their carpets. This entails a number of problems: loose carpet fibres, smell, cleaning difficulty.

Such problems are mostly seen in cases when the carpets are of poor quality and unclear origins. Authentic Turkish rugs are not only safe but also user-friendly.

Customers are picking Turkish rugs of Nhi Long Joint Stock Company as an adornment for their homes on Tet Holiday - Photo: THANH BINH.

According to a representative of Nhi Long, for a Turkish carpet to be made, the carpet yarn is woven on a plain ground by an exclusive weaving technique called spot-dot, which prevents loose fibres during the carpet’s useful life.

Since no chemical glue is used, there will be no unpleasant odours. You can use a vacuum to remove dust and dirt once a week and wash the carpet once every 3-4 months, depending on the living environment. The vacuuming and washing process may be done conveniently free of carpet shedding worry.

“We are distributing more than 10,000 Turkish carpet products. Super and Tiara carpet lines are the most chosen for their tested quality, colour durability, absence of unpleasant odours and user safety”- stated the Company’s representative.

Four principal benefits of a carpet

Luxurious vibe and high aesthetics are the first magnets to consumers looking at carpets. An apartment or a house will instantly become much more elegant and gracious when fit out with a well hand-picked carpet.

Turkish carpets with an abundance of colours and motifs will make you spoilt for choice.

Another benefit of carpets is to hold temperature in winter. Northern Vietnamese people may be stressed out hauling themselves out of bed early in the morning when the weather is bitterly cold and dry.

A carpet will wipe out such woe, because you will no longer feel the chill of brick tiling when stepping on the warm carpet.

Turkish carpets provided by Nhi Long Joint Stock Company brings various benefits to users - Photo: THANH BINH.

Using carpets for many years, Ms. Pham Thi Duc (living in Thai Binh Province) said that her family had made use of carpets for several years because they make their home warm and elegant in cold winter in Northern Vietnam.

Like Ms. Duc, many other consumers in the North pick carpets as a “shield” against the winter’s bitter coldness; at the same time, carpets double as a protective playground for children.

The third benefit of carpets is noise reduction. The footfall will become much lighter thanks to the use of a rug and you will be freed from the annoying sound.

Finally, if you have a revisiting worry about your children’s being hurt by a fall indoors, then carpeting will be a perfect choice for your home. Safety is of significant matter of concern also in toilets or at swimming pools, where the risk of is obvious.

To minimize the slippery risk, plastic spiked or mesh carpets with a high friction and quick drainage should be used